Maggie Dumra, proud mama of two, is the founder and designer of these fashion-forward social conscious kids wear. The label BaeBeeBoo has a very special and unique meaning behind it. It is basically a combination of her daughter's name, Bae, her husband's name Bee and what she calls the two of them, Boo. So there you go. BaeBeeBoo was born. Maggie started the label launching The Bae Collection, which is a range of 100% cotton, beautifully made and embroidered by women in Jaipur, India.

At BaeBeeBoo, we strive to save the world a garment at a time, stylishly! Here at BaeBeeBoo, we believe in giving back. Every product of ours that you receive is hand-sewn by a woman in India and it is only through their hard work that BBB is possible. Besides giving the factory workers a livelihood, a portion of the profits of the 'Bae' collection and our new collection 'Beespoke' is also donated to the New Light: Operation Starfish project.

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